Thursday, February 16, 2017

We're all screwed when we live in a society where we have a drug war and cops can use it to arrest anyone by planting drugs or falsifying drug test results.

Nicholai was lured into his basement by his neighbors, assaulted, then violated by police who were called by perpetrators and arrested on false drug charges. Initially he was arrested for assault and oxycodone due to claim powder residue they tested on a bag. They also confiscated his firearm and using this felony drug charge as an excuse to take away his constitutional right to bear arms unless he beats this case.

When it was discovered Nicholai was the one assaulted, they dropped the assault charge. Although they continued to charge him with felony drug possession based on the false claim a bag had oxycodone powder residue in it, trying to force him to take plea deal. When made to retest it, now they claim its not Oxycodone, but Fentanyl instead and are charging him with that.

Instead of admitting they arrested the victim of an assault by mistake, they are trying to scare him into taking a plea deal on false drug charges.

This happened in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He plans to take this to court and has a public defender. Wish him luck and help him out by getting the word out. Under media scrutiny they can't get away with breaking the law to imprison an innocent victim. They're using the Drug War as a pretense to take away law abiding citizen's right to bear arms.

Victim goes public his case:

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  1. The dehydration torture used by Tarpon police, have resulted in deaths at a Milwaukee jail. The same could have happened to me, if the Pinellas County jail had not provided me with water. I was dehydrated and tortured the entire time I was in Tarpon police custody.